VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is traditionally used when information needs to be shared beyond a corporate network via the internet (public network). There are several types of VPN's available. THe most common used to be the IPSEC VPN but its tricky to setup. The SSL VPN which works at the application layer is much simpler to get running and is becoming very popular. The main benefit of an SSL VPN is that you don't need to install software as it can just use the browser running on a computer. They are not usually blocked either at firewalls as most firewalls leave the port for SSL communication open as it is so commonly used on the internet. Because the SSL VPN is simple to install and maintain it is also very cost effective.

A SSL VPN helps connect branch offices of a company in a secure manner. A SSL VPN can be used to securely connect to your home computer from your work place or virtually anywhere with an internet connection. A VPN basically makes any communication over the internet secure and allows you to safely secure extend your network. SSL Certificates are required as part of setting up an SSL VPN. An SSL VPN is an ideal way to have a company securely communicate with employees all over the globe and to secure email, file transfers, and computer backups.