SSL Site Seals

Once you have purchased an SSL certificate for your website the Certificate Authority (CA) that you have purchased from will allow you to use the accompany Site Seal on your website.  This is basically an image with some wording on it such as "secured with SSL" or something along those lines.

Although you may think a Site Seal is just a way for the CA to advertize their  services (which it does) you can't overloook the several positive aspects of using the site seal.

  • Makes customers feel secure on your website
  • Seal mentions security features like EV
  • Allows customer to easily know which SSL provider you are using
  • Can increase sales when customer recognizes the Site Seal (ie. Verisign)

Below are some examples of Site Seals for different CA's


Comodo calls their site seal (or TrustLogo) the "Corner of Trust". It shows up in the bottom right corner of your browser and allows a user to know that the sit they are browsing is secure. The purpose of this seal is to build trust with your customers as it makes them feel safe that you are protecting the website in a secure manner with an SSL certificate. A confident customer that feels their personal information is safe is more likely to make a purchase on your website. Here is an example.

Comodo Corner Of Trust Site Seal


GeoTrust calls their site seal the "True Site Seal".  As usual they have a few flavors of their site seal depending on what SSL Certificate has been purchased.  If you click on their site seal it will verify the domain. They put a UTC timestamp on their site seal as well and if you buy a business SSL certificate then it can also display your company name.  They are dynamically generated by the servers at GeoTrust.  An example is below.

GeoTrust True Site Seal


The VeriSign Trust Mark is one of the best known site seals on the internet and has been around for a long time.  By trusting a VeriSign seal your customers trust is extended to you and can have a positive impact on sales. This is what it looks like.

VeriSign Trust Mark


The Thawte Trusted Site Seal can display the following information if it is clicked on.

  • Organization
  • Domain
  • Country
  • Current Status
  • Certificate valid from and until dates

Thawte recommends that you display it on your sign-in and secured home page as well as any pages where someone is buying from you. An example is below.