SSL Hosting

You can buy your SSL Cartificate from a CA (Certificate Authority) but you can often get a great deal by purchasing from the place that hosts your website.  The best case scenario is when they are reselling a CA's certificate at a reduced price.  You want to make sure the certificate you are purchasing from your host is one that is recognized by most browsers (browser ubiquity) and that its not a piece of junk that isn't recognized.

If you own a hosting company selling SSL Certificates is a great way to make some extra $$.  Since you already host the website it makes obvious sense to sell SSL certificates to everyone who has a store on their website and require encryption.  Most people prefer certificates that include their domain as it looks less suspicious than some wildcard certificate that everyone uses at your hosting company.  The obvious choice is to partner up with one or two of the major Certificate Authorities.  Possibly cater to both smaller and larger clients by providing certificates from an inexpensive CA and also a better known pricier CA.

A bonus of providing certificates is that you are also able to charge for the installation of the certiificate.  A certificate installed by a well-versed tech shouldn't take longer than about 2 minutes - even less if you have a script that does most of the heavy lifting.

A host that provides SSL certificates also has the advantage of keeping their customers from leaving and also retaining customers who want an easy SSL certificate install.  With a bit of work you can also incorporate the certificate install process right into your hosting control panel.  Another advantage of offering a SSL certificate is that you can sell your customer a certificate that is good for several years.  It is possible that this may help with customer retention as a customer may not want to be bothered setting up a new certificate at a new hosting company.