SSL Certificate

So you are likely wondering what all the fuss over an SSL certificate and what exactly it is.  SSL means Secure Socket Layer and its a protocol that was developed by netscape early on in the browsers history.  A way was needed to secure (encrypt) the data transmission  between a secure server and a client and SSL came into being.  All of the other browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari support SSL and the certificates required.

Globally, SSL is the standard in securing online communications.  Its ability to allow encryption and decryption between 2 devices prevents a 3rd party from stealing information being transmitted like transaction details.  When properly implemented the browser will display https in the url and often you will also see a lock at the bottom of the secured webpage.  Using a Certificate Authority (CA) that is well known will also minimize browser warning messages.

SSL certificates are used by

  • banks
  • online stores
  • e-commerce websites