SSL Certificate Error

There are several things that can cause a SSL certificate error.  Most are pretty simple to fix.

SSL Certificate Expired

Sometimes you forget the exact date you bought your certificate.  If you purchased and SSL certificate that was supposed to last a year and a year has passed then browsers will start to give users a warning.  The solution is pretty simple - buy a new certificate.

Untrusted Certificate

There are a few things that can cause a browser to give a trust error.  An expired certificate is one reason but it may also be because you have forgotten to install one of the chain certificates on you server.  Sometimes a chain certificate is required in order to get to the trusted root certificate.  Another common reason for getting this error is that you ordered your certificate from a CA (certificate) authority that most browsers don't recognize.  It is also possible that your certificate got corrupted somehow in which case you could re-install it.

SSL Certificate Different Than website Address

When you order a SSL certificate its important that you present the domain name that will be used on your website.  For example if you will be using on the certificate then you must ensure that your website resolves to and not Many certificate providers will ensure that both versions of your domain will work with the certificate.