SSL Certificate Cost

SSL Certificates can vary in cost. You can make your own for free or pay all the way up to $1000

There are several reasons for the difference in cost. They include:

  • age of the Certificate Authority (CA)
  • whether it is signed directly by a trusted root certificate or "chained"
  • some certificates verify the relationship of the certificate owner and the website
  • fancy extras

Age of CA (Certificate Authority)

  • some older browsers on old operating systems may have trouble recognizing todays nerwer certs
  • mostly a problem on older Apple computers.

Chained Certificates

  • a chained certificate is a certificate that is signed by another intermediary certificate
  • because it may be a bit more difficult technically to install one of these certs the price may be reduced a bit
  • some people worry that a chained certificate is risky as the owner of the root certificate has the ability to revoke chained SSL certificates


  • some certificate authorites offer added features such as making your browsers bar turn green or supporting older computers
  • most people don't need all the extras as most people are on a semi-current computer using a normal operating system
  • extra SSL certificate functionality is really only worthwhile if you are a huge company trying to satisfy everyone.