SSL Certificate Banking

Typically when you are surfing the way your data is unencrypted. This means that the data is not protected and visible to any intermediary device and anyone with access to these devices. When you go to a website that is selling something or transmitting your personal information online you want to be ensured that your data is safe. This is what an SSL certificate is used for.

Banks require an SSL Certificate as they need to protect customers personal data. Seriously who wants to bank if their data is in the clear. Obviously a SSL Certificate is needed to gain customer confidence so they feel comfartable banking online. A bank can then then answer customers questions about safety. Customeres won't be worried about someone tracking their transactions, having their personal information swiped or having their bank account emptied by a stranger.

In summary, an SSL Certificate allows the following for a bank

  • Customers are confident data and personal information is safe
  • clientele from all countries trust the security of a digital certificate
  • allows the bank to comply with rules and regulations pertaining to protecting their clients personal information
  • allows bank to bank sharing of information in a secure manner