SSL Builds Confidence

Questions people ask when buying online

  • will my information be safe
  • will my information be sold
  • how will info be safeguarded between my computer and the store that I am purchasing at.

To feel safe people look for

  • hacker safe logo
  • better business bureau logo
  • logo from a reputable SSL certificate authority
  • SSL certificate adds credibilty to your website and gives the appearance of transaction security

What makes people want to buy

  • a buying process that isn't cumbersome
  • multiple ways to pay - paypal , credit card
  • customer testimonials
  • some people will not purchase if there is no SSL encrypted server protecting their personal data

You can increase conversion rate by using an SSL cert from a good CA.

When people get error messages from the browser talking about an untrusted or unsecure website they are a lot less likely to buy. I've seen sales decrease significantly on one of my websites when the certificate expired and people started to get warning messages from their browser.