Shared vs. Standard SSL

The basic difference between a standard and shared SSL certificate is that with a standard SSL certificate your domain name will be included in the certificate. A shared SSL certificate will use someone elses domain name and then tie an identifier to you.

Standard SSL

You will have purchased this certificate from a CA (Certificate Authority) such as VeriSign and they will have validated the domain in the certificate is yours so your domain will appear in the certificate. For example if you own the domain and the certificates FQDN is then the url that will be seen is

Shared SSL

Commonly you would purchase a shared SSL Certificate through your hosting provider. You are sharing this digital certificate with others. The hosting provider has set up the certificate so nothing in the certificate will really reflect the domain you are using it on. It will likely have some information about you as a customer. For example if the certificates FQDN is and your username at that host is customer10 then your secure url may look something like this