Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone is looking for personal information

  • address
  • credit card number
  • bank number
  • telephone number

How to protect from identity theft

  • make sure when buying online that they have a secure online certificate called an SSL cert.
  • Look for HTTPS in browser bar which is a sign that your online activity is being encrypted
  • An SSL certificate makes the information nonsense unless you are authorized to use it.
  • ensure the site features secure SSL protection

Benefit of using a certificate

  • user needs the certificate and a password to gain access
  • the password is never passed over the internet
  • data on a website can be signed via non-repudiation by the certificate
  • the need for many passwords is eliminated
  • data can be protected by online store owners
  • customer will know that their data is secure
  • keep customer data safe
  • online payments are secured
  • increases conversion rates because customer feels safe
  • if the branding of your certificate provider is recognized then you may get an increase in conversion rates

Online stores and similar operations need to meet privacy and safety concerns of their customers

  • SSL ensures sensitive data is protected
  • confidential information is protected from hacker attempts
  • online fraud and identity theft is minimized with an SSL certificate
  • citizin information remains privat with the use of a digital certificate
  • services and information can be delivered securely using a digital certificate
  • SSL certificates are the accepted norm for securing information passing between electronic devices