Buy SSL Certificate

Online customers need to trust a website before providing personal information or purchasing an item. A SSL certificate fosters that trust for an e-commerce business.

The process in getting an SSL Certificate from a CA is approximately this

  • Collect information the SSL Certificate will need
  • Produce a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from your host or from your web server
  • Request a SSL certificate from the CA (Certificate Authority)
  • CA will verify the information and process your application
  • Receive information from the CA how to download your certificate
  • Install your certificate on your server (or have your hosting provider do it)

Your SSL certificate can be done several different ways so you have to be careful when making your request to the CA. For example, there is a difference between and - the SSL Certificate will be set for one or the other. You need it to match how your domain url is typically displyed otherwise you will get errors on your https pages.

The CSR is a file you generate from your web server and will look something like this.