Purchase SSL Certificate

There are many things to know when deciding where to purchase your SSL certificate.  You will need one if you wish to do secure transactions on your online store.  There are many things to consider.

You have to figure out what an SSL certificate does and which type you need.  Is a shared SSL certificate OK or do you need a standard one.  Free SSL certificates are available from some Certificate Authorities (CA) but aren't for everyone.  You also have to collect the exact information needed when applying for a certificate.  For example, whether or not you want www in front of the domain name on your digital certificate.

There is a lot of terminology you will have to plow through when looking for a SSL certificate such as Organizational Unit (OA), SHA1 fingerprint, and MD5.  There are special types of digital certificates available as well like the wildcard SSL certificate that can be used with sub-domains.

Browser Ubiquity is important when getting a certificate as it lets you know what percentage of browsers your certificate will work with.  A free SSL Certificate will have a lower browser ubiquity in many cases than one that is paid for.

Once you figure out the type of certificate you wish to purchase then you will need to decide which CA (Certificate Authority) you want to buy from and how much you are willing to pay for added features.

There are many benefits to securing your site with a certificate.  You will protect customer data and create confidence that you have a safe website to buy from which in turn will likely increase you sales.  They also help prevent identity theft.

SSL certs are also used to secure VPN's.  An SSL VPN can allow you to safely connect two remote offices in a secure manner in a safe encrypted manner.  SSL VPNs are much easier to set up than IPSEC VPNs so they are becoming quite popular.  LDAP can also be secured which helps secure email.

In summary, An SSL certificate is a great way to secure communication between devices on the internet and protect personal information.